A Long Road to Here

I hail from Switzerland. I was raised on heavy musical meals of The Beatles, Elvis, Bill Haley, Neil Young, the Motown sound, just to name a few. I began playing at a young age with friends. One of my first real working bands was an Elvis Tribute band.

I apprenticed as an electrician and took a job as a technician,  all the while playing, touring and recording with some of the best known local bands and received great recognition. I was also working for some local sound companies as a tech and did clinics for a distributor of audio companies in Switzerland. Time passed and I decided to seriously commit to becoming a  full-time musician. I packed my bags, sold my belongings, said goodbye to friends and moved to Los Angeles.

I trained at the Musicians Institute. I was awarded outstanding student upon graduation. I was asked to stay and teach workshops (country, pop, classic rock, jazz) and private lessons. I had collaborated live and in-studio with a long list of diverse bands: Country; Blues; Musicals; Latin; Jazz; Smooth Jazz; R’n’B; Classic Rock; Big Band; Top 40-classic ’60 &’70; and other casuals, plus jingles and other session work.  

In 2007, I spent several months in Nashville, playing and touring with local artists. Since late 2007 I’ve been also collaborating with world renowned Nordstrand Audio as an in-house  tech. I also have begun building specialized bass guitars under the name Mina Bass Design (MBD).